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Digimon Shipping Meme (Originally By ShaunaChan) by MoD366 Digimon Shipping Meme (Originally By ShaunaChan) :iconmod366:MoD366 1 0
Sunset means goodbye
Sunset. For children it's the time to go home, for couples it's a romantic setting, but oftentimes a sunset may also mean goodbye. And so does this one.
After an accidental meeting near a lake in Unova and some time spent together around that place, Ash and Misty both consider continuing their respective journey. They spent their last day together at the very same lake, fooling around, joking and simply having a good time.
As the sun set, they both knew that goodbye was near. And neither had any idea how long it would take for them to meet again. "Well Misty," Ash said stiffly, "guess it's goodbye again." Her foot teetering on the floor nervously, Misty answered "Yeah, guess so. Have a safe trip and good luck beating the Gym leaders here." Smiling slightly, Ash waved her, Pikachu mimicking the motion from his shoulder. "Thanks. Gotta go now, bye then," he said. The redhead tried to smile back, but she only managed half a smile, having to hold her tears back. "Bye."
With that, Misty had
:iconmod366:MoD366 29 18
Even in the rain
The sky of the Unova-Region didn't look promising at all. Dark clouds could be seen in the dis-tance, right in the direction where the wind was blowing from. A boy, maybe 15 years of age, was especially unnerved by that, because according to his map he was in the middle of nowhere, with the next town at least two hours away. But in about the middle of that there was a Pokémon Center. It has been three days since he left Nuvema Town, where he landed with his mother and Professor Oak in the region, for a new Pokémon-Journey. He was accompanied by his loyal buddy Pikachu alone, as he left his other Pokémon in Pallet Town, like he did for every new journey.
Realizing that he would never make it to the Pokémon Center before the rain set in he studied the map and saw that the mountain range not far from him had a valley he could pass through nearly on the route he was on. And right behind that was a seemingly thick forest. In hopes of finding shelter there he began walkin
:iconmod366:MoD366 13 9
Theme Park AAML
"Hey Misty, come on, hurry up!" Ash shouted. It was a nice summer day in Cerulean City and Misty managed to coax her sisters into taking care of the Gym for the day.
For two years there has been a building site not too far away from town and now, finally, the theme park built there was having its grand opening. Naturally, Misty wanted to be one of the first to go there, so she phoned her best friend, asking if he would like to tag along.
At that time, Ash has been home after taking a close second in the Sinnoh Pokémon League Tournament. He had thought it best to take a break for a few months, considering he almost never saw his mother or other friends of his from before his journey. After having gotten the call from Misty he has been ecstatic. He had always known she was someone important, someone special. And he has missed her more than anyone else, although he wouldn't admit it, mind you.
So Ash had gladly accepted the offer and has made his way to Cerulean. He had known he woul
:iconmod366:MoD366 16 21
"Why don't you get in touch with me, Ash?" Misty Waterflower, Gym Leader of Cerulean City, sat at the edge of one of the arena's basins, watching her Gyarados swimming. "It's been three years. Three damn years since we've last met and he doesn't even deem calling me necessary!"
Lost in her thoughts she stood up and went to her room. All she wanted to do was sleep – sleep until he'd be back with her. She couldn't care less about the Gym, her sisters as well, getting on her nerves for being pale. Everything that counted was seeing Ash again. Ash, whom she fished out of the river that day. Ash, who stole her bike directly afterwards, to get his injured Pikachu to a Pokémon Centre. Ash, who she always got into a fight with, for even the most stupid reasons. But most of all Ash, whom she slowly but surely fell in love with.
When she finally slept she had tears in her eyes. As so often, she cried herself to sleep. 'If only Ash was here' was her ast thought before entering the world
:iconmod366:MoD366 12 5
Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Geburtstags-FF für MiyaToriaka. Ich hoffe sie gefällt ihr und euch natürlich auch.
"Warum meldest du dich nicht mal, Ash?" Misty Waterflower, ihres Zeichens Arenaleiterin von Azuria City, saß am Rand eines der Bassins der Arena und beobachtete ihr Garados beim Schwimmen. "Drei Jahre ist es jetzt her. Drei verdammte Jahre, seit wir uns das letzte Mal gesehen haben, und er hält es nicht mal für nötig, anzurufen!"
Gedankenversunken stand sie auf und begab sich in ihr Zimmer. Sie wollte nur noch schlafen- schlafen, bis er wieder bei ihr sein würde. Die Arena war ihr egal, genauso egal wie ihre Schwestern, die sie ständig nervten, weil sie so blass sei. Alles, was für sie zählte, war, Ash wiederzusehen. Ash, den sie damals aus dem Fluss geangelt hatte. Ash, der ihr direkt danach das Fahrrad stahl, um sein verletztes Pikachu ins Pokémon Center zu bringen. Ash,
:iconmod366:MoD366 1 4
Birthday or Festival?
It's the morning of the 9th October and Sakura is on her way to the Yamanaka flowershop. Not that she wanted to buy anything or would even has a reason to buy some flowers, no all she wanted to do is have a nice chat with Ino.
"Hi Ino-pig", she said when she entered the shop and saw her friend standing behind the counter.
"Hi forehead, what do you want?"
"Oh I just came by to talk to you a little, I mean we haven't met in like a month or so."
"Yeah I know that... and I'm still angry because of that! Normally you show up here almost every two or three days. You don't know how boring it was without making a little fun of you, forehead", the blond said in a mock angry voice.
"Haha, very funny Ino-pig. But seriously how are you?"
Ino didn't know what to answer. Sakura knows that it bores the hell out of her to sell these flowers without having a nice chat with her bet friend, yet she asks how she is when not showing up for over a month?
"Well I'm pretty fine, thank you, but what about you?
:iconmod366:MoD366 5 5
Sakura's Birthday
It's the early morning of a supposed to be beautiful Saturday. The sun is shining through a window directly into the face of a certain pink-haired girl. Waking because of the light, the girl slowly sits up in her bed, rubs her eyes and looks at her clock. Seeing that it's only 7:30 in the morning and her team was promised a weekend off-duty she lies back down and tries to sleep some more, but for some reason she wasn't tired at all, so it's kind of impossible to get some more sleep. Without anything else to do she gets up and recognizes something she didn't see before: on her desk is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with cherry blossoms draped around it on the desk and a short letter on top of them. Picking it up she starts to read it.
Dear Sakura,
for your 18th Birthday I wish you all the best.
I hope you have a fine day, even though the love of your life is far away.
But there are other people who care for you, and I'm not talking about your parents.
:iconmod366:MoD366 9 6

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Butterflies - AaML
Sunshine shone through the streaky windows of Cerulean City's gym, illuminating the dullness of the lobby. A fifteen year old red headed girl sat sleeping at the main desk, snoring softly. The desk was littered with papers, some stained with water, the ink running down the edges and middle of the page. She stirred and the pieces of parchment crinkled, startling her awake.
"I'll get the paperwork done, I promise!" She exclaimed, breathing hard as her eyes got wide. Her forehead was beaded with sweat as she was jilted out of her deep slumber. She caught her breath and looked at the clock, gasping as she saw the digital numbers read 10:15 AM.
"I was supposed to take a cat nap, not sleep for nine hours!" She cried, picking up the pen nearest her and running a hand through her hair. Her fingers ran into a mess of tangles and she tugged on the strands as she tried to work them through. She sighed and gave up, focusing on the paperwork in front of her.
She had finished nearly all of the pages
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Digimon Shipping Meme (Originally By ShaunaChan)
In case someone cannot make out the lines properly:

Taichi x Sora
Takeru x Hikari

Koushiro x Mimi

Yamato x Mimi
Jyou x Mimi
Ken x Miyako

Yamato x Sora
Daisuke x Hikari

Who is Iori? °J°

Originally by ShaunaChan
Original empty Meme


MoD366's Profile Picture
The D!-Stroyer
Current Residence: Berlin
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime-/Manga-style
Favourite cartoon character: Cartoon: Eric Cartman; Anime: Kizna Towryk
Personal Quote: You don't like me? Then don't talk to me!
... I don't really want to, but hell the first time I'm tagged I gotta do this, right?

1) You must post these rules!
2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for people you tag to answer.
3) you must find 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4) go to their and tell her/him they have been tagged.
5) No tag back.
6) No crud in the tagging section like " you are tagged if you read this" you ligitimately have to tag 10 people.

So... MiyaToriaka wanted to know the following:

1.) What's your favorite couple in Pokémon [if you know the show]?
Ash and Misty. I have been rather infatuated with Ash x Melody lately, but she's too rash for Ash.
2.) Who's your favorite HETALIA-character [if you know the show]?
Don't know the show, maybe I'll take a look at it later.
3.) Who's your least favorite character in KUROSHITSUJI - BLACK BUTLER [if you know the show]?
I read the first issue of the Manga a while ago, but didn't quite like it... so like... every single one of them? Or something...
4.) Do you prefer crowd or silent places?
Silence is a virtue
5.) Who's your most beloved character of you own series?
I don't have an "own series"... but of my sort-of-OCs, as they never really appeared, I like James Potter best (I am writing an AU-Harry Potter fanfiction in German and technically James and Lily Potter are OCs, right?)
6.) Do you like Cartoons [trick series out of USA and/or Europe]?
Not much of the nowadays crap, but I've always been in for the Looney Tunes and stuff like that. And most of Disney's works are classics.
7.) What is the most weird thing you've ever done?
I once had a bet running with one of my best friends, the topic being which one of us scored worse on on his physics test. And I was happy as hell when I won... don't know if there was anything weirder, as I normally don't see stuff I do as weird.
8.) Does the Anime "AIR" ring a bell to you?
Heard of it, but never watched it yet.
9.) What's the most icky thing you'd to do with?
The most icky thing I had to do with? Does my body count? Or that I had this nasty habit of constantly picking my nose when alone in a room? Something along those lines...
10.) Is there anything you would truly wish for against all odds?
Does a girlfriend count for "against all odds"? I mean the odds really aren't that great... anyways, if that doesn't count I also have that dream of being a professional wrestler in WWE.

So.. tagging time now, right?
Lemme thing... I tag:
:iconevilkateh: (think of it as a birthday present ;) )
um... can't think of any more... don't care here are your questions:

1) Who's your favourite female character in Mahou Sensei Negima?
2) Who's your favourite character in HunterxHunter?
3) What do you think of professional wrestling?
4) Which number do you consider your "lucky number"?
5) Has anything bad ever happened to you on a Friday 13th?
6) What is your favourite videogame?
7) And your favourite singer/band/group?
8) What do you think of when hearing the word "Italy"?
9) Any place you've always wanted to go to but never could yet?
10) Do you rather watch Anime or read Manga?

Have fun everybody.
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